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Fantastic Gardens


Fantastic Gardens performing maintenance in communities, private gardens, golf courses, parks, etc… The gardens, pools and landscaping projects that are integrated in the environment, always exceeding the expectations of our most demanding customers.

Providing all kinds of tools and machinery for the proper maintenance of the garden (lawn mowers, cut edges, cut-hedges, saws, vacuums, spray tanks, etc..). Whose maintenance for proper operation is provided by the company at all times.

All the necessary tools to facilitate and expedite the work done by gardeners, for the proper maintenance of the garden (wire brush, hand saw, pruning shears, trimming shears, hoes, sweepers for cleaning outdoor areas of communities, etc.).

We have a Technical Engineer, that each time I observed an anomaly in any garden plant, this will make a visit and a study of the problem, advising that there are practices that make for good maintenance, in addition to preparing mixtures of pesticides to not used in excess or in defect, thereby preventing any injury to the plants.

When we cultivate a garden eliminate weeds, remove diseased plants and crop residues, avoid excess moisture in the soil, we used healthy substrates, disinfected and used a healthy plant material, guaranteed seeds, cuttings, bulbs etc. We also try to always take care of our environment.

We use high quality fertilizers, usually used on a wide variety of plants as it presents a fundamental balance in the three basic elements of garden plants (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium).

We are sole distributor of pool and spa Desjoyaux (no pipes). We handle from construction and maintenance, the sale of accessories and products.

  • Buried in the ground pools.
  • Above-ground pools.
  • Spa (balneotherapy), the water is directed especially acupressure points maximizing the medicinal effect and relaxing.
  • Pipe-free filtration.
  • Electrolysis (lower maintenance costs and less aggressive for your skin).
  • Heating (minimum utility costs lengthen their bathing seasons).
  • Automatic clean robots (no work cleaning your pool and enjoy it).
  • Etc.